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Can You Identify These Locations? (6)

Published on: 27 Feb, 2012
Updated on: 27 Feb, 2012

by David Rose

A number of readers identified last week’s two mystery pictures.

Yes, the first picture was indeed at Kingpost in Burpham at the junction of London Road and New Inn Lane.

The second was St Catherine’s Lock and water meadows. I think the giveaway is the steel girder railway bridge in the background on the far left. And I am glad the Baileys named it as ‘Three Oaks’ as I am sure that was its local name when youngsters used to swim there. My late father told me that.

Can you confirm where this house is, or was? The name Rostrevor is on the gate.

He also said there was at one time some kind of hut thereabouts that sold refreshments. He particularly remembered buying rather large Arrowroot biscuits at a penny each.

Just one oak tree near the riverbank there now? Can anyone confirm please?

On to the pictures, which this time are a real mystery. I have to admit I don’t know where they are at all! Of course, they may be right up your street – literally.

Three this week, with quite a few more to follow over the next month or so. It would be great to track down the locations, so perhaps you can help.

They are courtesy of a fellow postcard collector, Chris Quinn. He has kindly allowed me to copy a number of cards from his collection – all ones I had not seen before.

The first picture is of a house called Rostrevor. You can see the name on the gate and ‘Rostrevor, Guildford’ has been written by the sender on the back of the card with the date ‘22.12.13’.It has a French postmark of 25.12.13, and within the message the writer says: ‘I came to England four days ago, it seems so horrid here.’

Was this a school or a private house?

The second picture is another house. The only clue is the writing on the front ‘S Michaels Guildford.’ The card has not be postally used, so no more clues. Was it a school perhaps? Can’t say I have heard the name before.

‘Autumn skies Guildford 1923’ is written on the back of this postcard. Do you recognise this country lane?

And the third is a country lane. Could be anywhere, only that on the back of the card someone has written: ‘Autumn skies near Guildford 1923.’

Add you posts now please!

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