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Car Fire on Bridge Street Causes Midday Gridlock

Published on: 18 Jul, 2023
Updated on: 21 Jul, 2023

The car burning fiercely. Photo Jonathan Neil-Smith

By Martin Giles

A car fire on Bridge Street caused midday traffic gridlock around Guildford’s gyratory today.

Emergency services were summoned when a car caught fire by the entrance of Homes for Students (formerly the YMCA).

One witness said: “It appeared to be an electric vehicle that was involved. There did not seem to have been a collision it had pulled over to the layby. It did not seem that anyone was hurt.”

Surrey firefighters tackle the blaze. Photo Tony Rooth

A Surrey Fire & Rescue spokesperson said: “We received a call this morning around 12.00pm to a report of a fire on Bridge Street, Guildford.

“Four fire engines were sent. A car had caught fire.

“Crews tackled the fire but remained to dampen down before leaving the scene around 13.15pm. The incident was then handed over to the police.”

Ambulances were seen near the incident but no casualties are reported.

A smelly residue, all that is left after the burnt-out wreck was removed.

False alarm at the Friary Centre

An evacuation of the Friary Shopping Centre which occurred shortly after the nearby Bridge Street incident is believed to have been a false alarm


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