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Claire’s Column – A Poisoned Chalice?

Published on: 12 Sep, 2012
Updated on: 12 Sep, 2012
Claire Dee

Claire Dee

In this regular monthly column – a must read for all those interested in Guildford business – Claire Dee reports on the government’s business bank and Autumn Statement

This week, business secretary Vince Cable confirmed the government’s plans to set up a so-called ‘business bank’ to boost lending to companies; and in particular smaller businesses.

Welcomed by the Federation of Small Businesses and British Chambers of Commerce, its aim is to enable UK companies to increase their capital and in turn their growth. Which, ultimately, can only be a good thing for the country’s depleted economy.

If the concept is well thought through and structured for the long-term, it could be just the tonic. If, however, it is merely yet another short-term, overly complicated, vote-winning gimmick it could be nearer toxic.

Those of us running our own small businesses here in Surrey and Guildford already know this is one of the most successful areas for entrepreneurial activity. We therefore, I am sure, embrace the idea but with some trepidation.

Also this week, Chancellor George Osborne announced he will deliver his Autumn Statement on Wednesday 5 December (isn’t that winter?).

So, an interesting few months ahead.

I look forward to hearing from them both.

Claire Dee runs her own communications consultancy near Guildford and is an active member of the local business community including sitting on the Surrey Chambers of Commerce council. To learn more visit:

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