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Cleaner Who Was Caught on Camera Convicted Again – Further Investigations Continue

Published on: 2 May, 2013
Updated on: 7 May, 2013

Above video clip was uploaded to YouTube by Stephen Thair

A cleaner who was filmed red handed stealing from her employer, Stephen Thair, has been convicted for stealing again.

Kristina or Krisztina Nemeth, of Kingfisher Drive, Merrow, stole a computer hard drive, a GPS watch and a bottle of after shave, in total worth £200 from Caroline Coatalen-Hodgson, of Agraria Road.

The hard drive had contained many irreplaceable wedding photos now lost for ever, after Nemeth erased them prior to selling them on eBay.

In a victim impact statement Mrs Coatelen-Hodgson stated: “She was not an opportunity thief but a cold and calculating one. I can’t describe how devastated I am to lose them [the photographs]. I have been incredibly upset.”

Nemeth initially denied the crime but admitted to it when confronted with the evidence of her email transactions.

She was sentenced by Marion Peters JP, at South West Surrey’s Magistrate’s Court in Guildford, to a community order to carry out 60 hours unpaid community service and ordered to pay £200 compensation to her victims plus £85 costs and a victim surcharge of £60.

The earlier report published in the Guildford Dragon NEWS alerted another of her employers who realised, after Nemeth’s sudden departure, that items from his house had also gone missing.

The Guildford resident wrote at the time: “I’ve just seen the Guildford Dragon article. She (Nemeth) had been our cleaner for 16 months and the day after her arrest [for the crime reported in the previous story] she left our key and a note saying that she had to travel, on our kitchen table.

“Looking through her ebay account there are quite a few of our household items. We’ve just filed a police report and a couple of people we know who she also cleaned for are hopefully in the process of filing others too.”

An investigation is ongoing.

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Responses to Cleaner Who Was Caught on Camera Convicted Again – Further Investigations Continue

  1. Lynn Pacella Reply

    May 28, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    As one of this woman’s many victims, I can only say “let justice prevail”. She will be appearing in court on Thursday 30th May and I intend to be there.

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