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Cleansing Staff Will Be Tweeting All Day Long!

Published on: 24 May, 2012
Updated on: 26 May, 2012

Members of Guildford Borough Council's cleansing team will be tweeting about the work they are doing on Wednesday, May 30.

Cleansing staff at Guildford Borough Council are going live on social media Twitter this Wednesday, May 30, to talk about the work they are doing to keep the area beautiful.

The event is being billed as a tweetathon and the council hopes it will give people an inside view of the work front line staff are doing, on just one day, to keep  Guildford clean and tidy.

It is part of the council’s Love Where You Live campaign launched in March. Facebook and the council’s website will also carry information on the campaign.

Staff from a wide range of jobs will be tweeting through the day including town centre street cleaner Daryl Rogers, Chris Bailey from quick response team, Ash street cleaner Richard Walker,  Bob Looseley who removes graffiti and chewing gum, enforcement officer Gary Kirk and dog warden Peter Burnage.

Mr Kirk said: “We are going to be tweeting throughout the day about the work we are doing as it happens. We think people will be surprised by the amount and the kind of work we do each day to make sure Guildford stays a great place to be. It can be a dirty job – but we’re proud to do it!”

To get involved go to and pledge not to litter, join in or organise a local community clean up, sign up for our adopt a street scheme which gives residents the opportunity to look after the street they live in.

Guildford Borough Council is also pledging to do its bit. It has pledged to tackle litter, graffiti and fly tipping to make sure it keeps Guildford clean. It aims to make its service as cost effective as possible and work with local communities to tackle the areas that are the most important to you. It works in partnership with Surrey County Council, Surrey Police and neighbouring local authorities to keep Guildford clean.

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