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Glutton & Glee, Tunsgate

Published on: 13 Mar, 2012
Updated on: 12 Apr, 2012

The Glutton & Glee Cafe, 6 Tunsgate

Our weekly Guildford coffee shop review…

The Glutton & Glee coffee shop in Tunsgate seems to appeal to women. We were recommended it by a woman and most of the other customers, not all, when we were there were female. It is not that surprising. The decoration gives it a feminine feel and the other occupied tables in the upstairs area where comprised women who were apparently meeting up with their friends for a good chat.

The menu had some original dishes though and some that are not seen so often, at least in these latitudes: porridge for breakfast, for instance. Some of the lunch dishes sounded novel too and enticing. Also included were some lighter options for those who might be counting calories. I would like to give you some examples but, unfortunately, their website comprises a single page, so as a source of information is rather poor.

The coffee seemed nothing to write home about, neither very good or bad and the service quite acceptable although the fact that it was presumed we would want the larger more expensive cups was annoying.

So, in short, the place was not really my cup of tea but I can easily see why it might appeal to some. Please do try it though. It would be interesting to get the view of others, especially perhaps those that have sampled those interesting sounding breakfast and lunches. Please do leave your comments below.

Subject Comments Score
Glutton & Glee, Tunsgate
Coffee Average quality. £2.20 per cup (large). 3
Cakes Fresh. Tasty. Chocolate brownie was very buttery, but many like that. Flapjack excellent. Average value. 4
Menu range
Good, range of breakfast dishes including porridge, and those for lunch including sandwiches and salads. Considerable originality. 4
Interior Almost dolls house feel, with plenty of pink. Obviously thoughtfully decorated though, and not a bad example of its kind. 4
Atmosphere Feminine feel not the best place for a business meeting perhaps. 3
Access Difficult for wheel chair/pram access, impossible to upstairs seating. 1
Service Orders taken at counter but then brought to table. Staff were polite and helpful enough. We were given the more expensive large cups without asking which we wanted. 3
Information Wifi (complex password – but worked first time), newspapers to borrow and table menus. All good. Only poor website prevented maximum marks. 4
Value for money Two coffees and two cakes for just under £7.80. About average. 3
Opening hours Not known
Address 6 Tunsgate, Guildford GU1 3QT Tel:01483 452934 Website:

Our order: Good cakes, average coffee

Upstairs at the Glutton & Glee with interesting foodstuffs displayed

What they say about themselves:

The Glutton and Glee website, unfortunately, says nothing about their business. It comprises of one page only, a photo of the shop front, although it does include links to facebook and twitter, an email address and phone number.

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Have you used this coffee shop? What are your views? Please add your own review by using the ‘Leave a Reply’ feature below…

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