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Colours of Autumn 2012: Part II

Published on: 20 Nov, 2012
Updated on: 20 Nov, 2012

Following on from last month’s feature showing trees in all their autumn splendour, here are some more images showing the fabulous colours current seen in the countryside in and around Guildford.

All of these pictures were all taken in the past week by David Rose and Malcolm Fincham.

If you have any similar images taken this autumn, email them to and we’ll add them to this gallery.

Trees and fallen leaves in Albury Park. Picture by David Rose.

River Wey towpath between Bowers and Triggs Locks. Picture by Malcolm Fincham.

Two-tone acer in Stoke Park. Picture by David Rose.

Triggs Lock near Sutton Green. Picture by Malcolm Fincham.

Deciduous conifers – the larch. Pictured by Malcolm Fincham.

Sweet chestnuts in Albury Park. Pictured by David Rose.

Deep in the Surrey countryside Shamley Green way. Picture by Malcolm Fincham.

Stoke Lake, Guildford. Picture by Malcolm Fincham.

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