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Community Arts And Crafts Project Returns to Stoughton

Published on: 16 Apr, 2013
Updated on: 17 Apr, 2013

An arts and crafts project is returning to Stoughton, thanks to new funding. And you have a chance to have a say on what activities you would like to see and take part in.

Flashback to the summer of 2011 and a guided history walk around Stoughton led by David Rose as part of the Making Surrey arts and crafts project. The history of the area helped to inspire people into creating artwork and designs about their local area. Pictured with David is artist Rhian Solomon (left) Wendy Kings and David's daughter Bryony.

Flashback to the summer of 2011 and a guided history walk around Stoughton led by David Rose as part of the Making Surrey arts and crafts project. Telling the story of the history of the area helped to inspire people to create artwork and designs about Stoughton. Pictured with David is artist Rhian Solomon (far left) Wendy Kings, and David’s daughter Bryony.

A public meeting is taking place this Thursday (April 18) so preople can have their say about the types of activities they would like to see featured at a weekly craft club.

The meeting is being held at a community hall in Stoughton Recreation Ground, off Worplesdon Road, starting at 7pm.

Stoughton resident Maureen Bell who is spearheading the re-launched venture said: “This will be our pre-launch event.  The ownership of this project belongs to our participants. Once the selected crafts have been chosen, a decision will be made on how many sessions should be held for each and whether more than one craft should be attempted at the same time.”

In 2011, the project was started as part of a county-wide event called Making Surrey. Now, new funds have been raised courtesy of Surrey County Council’s Local Committee, with help from councillor Pauline Searle, a grant from Guildford Borough Council, and the residue of funds from Making Surrey in conjunction with the Farnham Maltings.

The first of the creative workshop sessions will be held on April 25, from 7pm to 9pm, at the same venue as Thursday’s meeting. It will be led by artist Rhian Solomon, who was very involved and much loved in Stoughton when Making Surrey was taking place nearly two years ago. Rhian has many artistic skills and teaches ceramics and textiles to a wide range of groups.

Local historian David Rose (also of the Guildford Dragon NEWS) was part of Making Surrey in Stoughton in 2011, as the theme of the project also took in the area’s local history.

He said: “It is great news that the arts and crafts project is making a come back. I really enjoyed working with Rhian in helping to build a picture of the history of Stoughton and its characteristic features. These were an inspiration for a number of people, young and old, who took part to create various types of artwork. I hope to be able to contribute to the re-launched project in what ever way I can. And it will be good to see Rhian back in Stoughton!”

Maureen Bell added: “We hope to raise further funds to promote ongoing activities beyond 2013. This new venue for us has a small kitchen which will allow light refreshments to accompany creative craft sessions.

“I hope that all members, old and new, will meet in the first instance on April 18 to discuss and decide what activities and crafts they would like to see featured during the weekly craft club. No special skills are required, just your interest and enthusiasm. To ensure funds are used wisely and do not run out too soon, a small charge of £1 for refreshments and ‘at cost’ charges to cover provided materials may be levied.

“We look forward to welcoming family members, parents and teenagers equally enthused about crafts. All participant residents from the north Guildford area are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!”

For further information contact Maureen Bell on

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