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Coronavirus Deaths at the Royal Surrey Drop to Lowest Level Since March 

Published on: 13 May, 2020
Updated on: 14 May, 2020

The numbers of coronavirus deaths at the Royal Surrey and confirmed infections in Surrey have fallen to the lowest levels since March.

During the week ending on Monday (May 10), only six (we previously reported two but source data has been updated) people had died from the virus at Guildford’s hospital and a week after the first public revelation of infection statistics for Guildford Borough only 13 new cases were confirmed, taking the total from 343 to 356.

Not known yet is whether test results from the new centre at the Onslow Park & Ride are included. (See: Strange Secrecy of Silence Surrounds SCC’s Onslow P&R Covid-19 Testing Centre)

Across Surrey, new infections in the week ending May 10 fell to 129 from a peak of more than 600 In the week ending April 19.

Louise Stead RSCH

Last week when interviewed, Louise Stead, CEO at the Royal Surrey, said she thought the peak infection period had been passed but that it could rise again.

The all-important “R” rate, the number of infections passed on by each person with the virus, is not known for Guildford Borough or Surrey. Nationally, the estimate is below one, which led the government to start to relax the lockdown slightly.

But a BBC article claims the official stats are not giving the whole picture. The report said the Covid-19 death total could be nearly twice as high as the figures announced every day because that includes only deaths of people tested positive for coronavirus.

By May 1, the number of coronavirus deaths announced was just over 28,000, but for the same period more than 36,000 death certificates mentioned Covid-19.

The measure preferred by statisticians, counting all deaths above what would be normally expected, was more than 50,000.

See also: Local Covid-19 Stats (updated daily)

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Responses to Coronavirus Deaths at the Royal Surrey Drop to Lowest Level Since March 

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    May 13, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    I think these stats are like the housing figures, it’s too soon to know the truth. It is the deaths per million which is important across the country. While locally it’s transmission rates and those who walk out the other side.

    Currently, we are the 18th worst total cases per million across the world, so I’d guess the BBC bias has different figures to go by, remembering some of these figures added today are from over three weeks ago. Day to day figures are meaningless.

  2. C Phipps Reply

    May 14, 2020 at 8:40 am

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of deaths are actually due to the virus and not normal monthly deaths. Is the virus put on all death certificates [of those who have tested positive]? Whether or not it is actually the reason for the deaths?

    It appears that this is the case which makes the actual virus numbers totally incorrect.

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