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Published on: 17 May, 2012
Updated on: 17 May, 2012

In a recent article entitled: ‘Suspended Senior Officers Silenced by Confidentiality Agreement’ The Guildford Dragon NEWS included a quote that indicated ex staff members, Jim and Elaine Miles, had been escorted from the Millmead Council Offices by a ‘contracted security company guard’. The council have said that this is not correct.

A spokeswoman wrote: “We can make no further comment about the departure of Jim Miles and we still maintain that it is entirely right, as a responsible employer that we do not comment on confidential staffing matters. However, we are able to correct the recent inaccurate statement suggesting that any staff have been escorted from our offices by a ‘contracted security company guard’, this is not true.”

The Guildford Dragon NEWS apologises to Guildford Borough Council and to its readers for any inaccuracy. The relevant article has been corrected.

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