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Council Leader Reshuffles the Executive as New Municipal Year Begins

Published on: 16 May, 2012
Updated on: 16 May, 2012

A Council Executive reshuffle has been announced by Council Leader Tony Rooth (Con, Pilgrims) at the beginning of the municipal year. Cllr David Wright, (Con, Tillingbourne) who was the Deputy Leader and Lead Councillor for Finance and Resources, has returned to the back benches.

Cllr Stephen Mansbridge (Con, South Ash & Tongham) steps up to be Deputy Leader and Lead Councillor for Communities and Services, a slight variation on his previous portfolio, recognising the links between the services the council provides and the people who use those services. James Palmer (Con, Shalford) joins the Executive.

Cllr Nigel Manning (Con, Ash Vale) will assume the lead councillor role for Finance and Assets.

Explaining the moves Cllr Rooth said, “One has to keep looking at the shape of the Executive. David Wright has done a very good job. There are a number of new councillors to choose from now [since the last election] and James Palmer who has come onto the Executive has valuable experience from his time as a councillor on the Woking Council Executive. He will take on the lead role for the Town Centre and Traffic.

A Conservative Group spokesman said: “The council leader’s decision to create a portfolio for the town centre and transport is a reflection of the importance with which he views these two issues for future of the town.”

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Responses to Council Leader Reshuffles the Executive as New Municipal Year Begins

  1. Bernard Parke

    May 21, 2012 at 11:25 am

    A portfolio for the town centre and traffic?

    This ‘portfolio’, what ever that means, has been given to a councillor from one of the villages when we have so many able councillors in the town centre. They seem to have little input into policies which have a direct effect on the people that they represent.

    Why are they excluded?

    Simply because they have taken their support from parties which differ from the majority of those in the greater borough area.

    This is the case despite their Westminster party members are part of a coalition. We need more representation from the democratically elected town centre councillors.

    Perhaps the answer is a Town Council as enjoyed by the neighbouring towns. Even the villages have their own voices through their parish councils.

    Perhaps it is true to say that we in the town centre have “council taxation without proper representation.”

    However we can do without a “Boston type tea party”, despite the jubilee.