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Council Refuses To Confirm Strategic Director Suspension

Published on: 11 Apr, 2012
Updated on: 28 Apr, 2012

Council Offices at Millmead Where Strategic Director Jim Miles Worked

On Friday (April 6) a senior council officer, reported to be one of those suspended for disciplinary reasons, was named by the Surrey Advertiser as Jim Miles, a Strategic Director, second only in seniority to the Chief Executive, David Hill. Mr Hill is the only council officer at Millmead senior enough to have ordered Mr Miles’ suspension.

Normally after suspension, a disciplinary hearing is held the finding of which and any penalty imposed may be appealed against.

Guildford Borough Council, while maintaining its claim to be “open and transparent”, is still refusing to say whether any council officers of any grade have been suspended during the last four weeks, even as a statistic, saying only: “We are unable to comment on staff matters”.

Meanwhile, it is understood that Strategic Director Miles, who was soon due to retire, has resigned on health grounds. He has issued the following statement: “I have had health concerns since last year and these concerns came to a head in March when I received bad news from the hospital.  I was due to retire soon and I asked if this date could be brought forward.  The council agreed.  I am grateful for this.  My wife Elaine, who also works for the council wants to be at home to support me.”

Following this statement the council were asked to confirm that Mr Miles had not been suspended before he retired. but they refused to, simply repeating, “We are still unable to comment on a staff matter.”

According to the council’s own website last week: “Jim is responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of services including parks and countryside management, leisure, environmental health and  licensing, emergency planning, business and office systems. He is also leading the new entertainment venue project and the change in Guildford Spectrum’s operational management.

“Jim has been a strategic director with us since 1996. He came from Oxford City Council where he was the Chief Leisure Services Officer. He has worked in local government for 36 years and has a BA in history and a post graduate diploma in arts and leisure management.

“Pay and benefits: This role has a maximum basic salary of £91,766, which has remained the same since 2008, with no personal increases. The role has an expenses allowance of £1,642, a yearly car lease
allowance of £5,030 and medical insurance of £855.”

At the time of publication this entry was still included on the council website. Readers can click here to view.

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