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Dan James’ Photo Album: July 2013

Published on: 8 Jul, 2013
Updated on: 8 Jul, 2013

Dan James is a photographer, graphic and web designer from Guildford. He takes stunning landscape and natural history photos and films. Here is a selection of  photos for July, all based on wildlife in Guildford and Surrey in general.

Dan says: “Wildlife is fantastic to capture, especially when we have an array of it just on our doorstep. These few featured images are bright and colourful and really remind me of how the small things we often miss are really beautiful.”

A speckled wood butterfly on the wild flower known as lady's tresses or milkmaids.

A wall butterfly on the wild flower known as lady’s smock. (Ed: If you think the species are different to what I’ve caption, please let me know!)

Another speckled wood butterfly, this time on a sow thistle.

Another wall butterfly, this time on a thistle.

A frog poses for Dan and his camera!

A young frog poses for Dan and his camera!

Bee on a daisy

A bee finds some pollen.

Gatekeeper butterfly.

Meadow brown butterfly.

You can view all these photos at a larger size by visiting Dan’s website. Click here.

Photographer Dan James.

Photographer Dan James.

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