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Delicious Dishes Continues Vegetarian Tradition At The Guildford Institute

Published on: 20 Feb, 2019
Updated on: 20 Feb, 2019

By Hugh Coakley

Delicious Dishes, a Surrey catering company, has stepped up to continue the tradition of the wonderful vegetarian restaurant at the Guildford Institute.

The previous caterer, Beano, had bowed out gracefully after 32 years. The Guildford Institute in Ward Street was delighted when the owner of Delicious Dishes, Jackie Mazur, agreed to take over in the interim while a permanent provider was sought.

Regulars at the Guildford Institute will no doubt be happy to see the new choices presented in the lunchtime menu, now including vegan and gluten-free options. And it is licenced, so a glass of wine with friends is a nice option to have as well.

Delicious Dishes at The Guildford Institute with Emma, Julie and manager Nicholas Humble.

The manager, Nicholas Humble, enthusiastically said what was new. “Our menu changes every day. With fresh soups, jacket potatoes and home-made cakes, I think that we are something unique in Guildford.”

There are extended opening hours for teas, coffees and pastries in the morning from 9.45am and afternoon teas up to 3pm.

The Delicious Dishes menu at the Guildford Institute.

Nicholas added: “This is a great venue for a restaurant and we need to market it more.

“I cook most of the dishes myself here at the institute and the rest comes from the Delicious Dishes kitchen at Fetcham.”

And of course, he is absolutely right, the Guildford Institute is a lovely venue for a very civilised lunchtime meal or tea and cake.

It is a comfortable space with tables seating from two to eight people and room easily for 50 diners.

Lots of period features around the rooms give you a feeling of being in a special bygone era. There are regular exhibitions and art displays in the restaurant, the current one being the fascinating history of Tunsgate.

Lovely period pieces at the Guildford Institute including the stained glass in the door for the ‘Ladies Room’.

Amy Rice, the Guildford Institute manager, said: “We are really happy to open up our venue to Guildford’s only vegetarian restaurant, not just for people attending our events but it is open to all. We are committed to having a vegetarian restaurant at our lovely central Guildford venue.”

The restaurant in the Guildford Institute is probably not as well known as the institute itself. But as one of Guildford’s little gems, it should be better recognised.

Vegetarian food is on the upswing. Maybe the Guildford Institute’s long established vegetarian restaurant with Delicious Dishes involved now and Nicholas Humble at the helm will get the recognition it definitely deserves.

Aiming for a sustainable approach, Delicious Dishes recycles coffee grounds to its customers for compost or the garden in neat little takeaway bags for free.

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  1. Rosie Taylor Reply

    February 20, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    Is the wine vegan, or just vegetarian?

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