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Dragon Interview: Joss Bigmore, R4GV Leader at GBC

Published on: 26 Sep, 2023
Updated on: 28 Sep, 2023

It has been almost five months since the borough council election which gave a narrow victory for the Lib Dems. Enough time has now passed to reflect and assess.

Dragon editor Martin Giles invited all five of the political group leaders to be interviewed. Sadly, council and Lib Dem leader Julia McShane did not respond but the the others all agreed to participate and, we think, gave some interesting responses to the questions posed.

Subjects covered include: their reflections on the May election and the impact of the Battle for Guildford video; the current financial challenges faced by the council and planning a major and controversial issue for the borough following adoption of the Local Plan in 2019 and the development proposals in the town centre.

In this interview we hear the views of the leader of the Residents for Guildford & Villages group leader Joss Bigmore. The interviews the Guildford Greenbelt Group (Patrick Oven) and Labour (James Walsh) will follow. The interview with Conservative group leader Philip Brooker can be seen here.

Please listen, the decisions taken in our borough council have a direct impact on our community and lives. We should all become more engaged, more informed and more aware.

The series of interviews commenced before news of the Housing Revenue Account overspend investigation was known so questions on that topic were not included.

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Responses to Dragon Interview: Joss Bigmore, R4GV Leader at GBC

  1. James Wild Reply

    September 26, 2023 at 10:36 am

    Joss Bigmore comes across as very open and honest and capable and was far more engaging that Cllr Brooker. There are massive financial problems facing Guildford at present and I only wish we could have capable people, like Joss, helping to drive the ship.

    Pathetic that Julia McShane has declined to take part and think The Dragon should extent an invitation to George Potter who is very capable of political debate.

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