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Dragon Interview: Reform UK Candidate Dennis Saunders

Published on: 15 Jun, 2024
Updated on: 18 Jun, 2024

Which candidate will you choose to support on July 4th?

Many of you might have already made up your minds but do you really know what the various candidates think about topical issues and concerns of the day?

To help your evaluation Dragon editor Martin Giles has interviewed each of the candidates in some depth to get their thoughts on five subjects. Similar questions were posed to each to help facilitate comparison. See what you make of their performances and policies…

The interviews were all recorded between June 7 and June 11. The sequence of publication was drawn by lot.

The following interview is with the Reform UK candidate Dennis Saunders. We apologise for the incorrect background shown behind Martin Giles and viewers should be aware that transmission breaks towards the end of the interview were edited out…

Dennis Saunders’ summary cv, as written by him at The Dragon’s request:

I have lived or worked in and around Guildford for half a century, so know the town and villages well.

Starting at MAFF in Guildford, I subsequently founded my own business from scratch, which went on to employ 60 people and generate huge sums in tax; I believe in business growth to fund government spending, not borrowing.

I was a Tory in the 80s, but the three main parties are now the same, so – exasperated with all current politicians – I am standing for Reform UK for traditional values.

Personally, I flew gliders, light aircraft (including a Spitfire!) with a PPL, and am a widower.

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