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Dragon Interview: Sarah Gobran, Guildford Shakespeare Company

Published on: 12 Aug, 2020
Updated on: 13 Aug, 2020

Sarah Gobran

Life is especially tough for theatre companies at the moment; audiences and social distancing are difficult to combine.

We thought it would be good to hear first-hand how the Guildford Shakespeare Company has been dealing with the pandemic restrictions, so we spoke to its co-founder Sarah Gobran who gives a lively performance when interviewed by Martin Giles.

Sarah explains:

  • How the company started;
  • How they maintain high dramatic standards and recruit good actors;
  • How they have operated during the pandemic, whether the company can survive;
  • What about GSC’s next production, Thy Eternal Summer? Plus,
  • What is the future for Sarah?

Please see the video…

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