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Dragon Interview: Vinnie Conquest – Kill the Bill March Organiser

Published on: 28 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 30 Apr, 2021

“Kill The Bill” protest march April 24, 2021

The “Kill the Bill” protest march on Saturday certainly made its presence felt in Guildford town centre full of shoppers enjoying the good weather.

But some were shocked to hear the vehement chanting against the police. At some stages, the marchers chanted “Kill the Bill. F*** the Police!” causing one Dragon reader to comment that he held those uttering such chants in contempt.

So The Dragon contacted one of the organisers of the youthful march, Vinnie Conquest, a six former at a Guildford school, to explain to Dragon editor Martin Giles, the marchers’ conduct…

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Responses to Dragon Interview: Vinnie Conquest – Kill the Bill March Organiser

  1. Dave Middleton Reply

    April 30, 2021 at 10:47 am

    I admire Mr Conquest’s passion and enthusiasm for his cause, however his responses to Martin Giles’ interview questions seem to be no more than a mass of sweeping generalisations and phrases, drawn from some kind of protesters’ handbook.

    As for his comment that the “F**k the police” chant was “crude”, it was much more than that. It was a deeply offensive, inappropriate and frankly hurtful insult, to the police officers in Surrey and the wider UK, who daily do their best to try to protect the general public, standing between the evil and the weak, often in the face of unjustified criticism, abuse, injury and sadly, too often, death.

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