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Drivers Warned of Treacherous Driving Conditions

Published on: 11 Dec, 2017
Updated on: 12 Dec, 2017

The Met Office issued warnings today about icy patches on untreated roads. Motoring journalist Amanda Stretton advises drivers how to stay safe this winter.

Last year over 2,000 road accidents were reported in icy and snowy conditions, so it’s important that drivers take extra care when driving in these hazardous conditions.

Our research shows one in seven (15%) UK drivers – roughly six million motorists – have had an accident in icy or snowy conditions. And while half (49%) actively try to avoid driving in such weather, some drivers have no option.

As well as being more vigilant in dangerous conditions, drivers should plan their journeys in advance, ensuring they’ve checked the route and can keep to major roads where possible, as they are more likely to have been gritted.

Motorists should leave at least 10 minutes earlier to allow time to de-ice their windscreens as this could improve visibility and help reduce the likelihood of an accident. And if your windscreen is not cleared correctly, it can land you with up to £60 in fines or points on your licence. Using our guide, drivers can educate themselves and avoid fines at a time where motoring costs are increasingly on the up.

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