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Dumping Green Waste Was Easy – David Rose Visits Slyfield Recycling Depot

Published on: 14 May, 2020
Updated on: 15 May, 2020

by David Rose

With several of Surrey’s recycling centres reopened on Monday (May 11), some people may have feared long queues would form as others rushed to dispose of household waste that had accumulated over the past few weeks.

Not a lot of visitors to the recycling centre tip at Slyfield, Guildford on Wednesday afternoon, May 13.

A trip to the tip (officially dubbed a community recycling centre by Surrey County Council) at Slyfield, Guildford on Wednesday afternoon (May 13), couldn’t have been easier, with few other “dumpers” present.

As stated by the county council: “The number of people allowed on site at any one time will be limited and there will be revised opening hours.

“Only black bag waste and garden waste will be accepted.”

News on TV over the weekend that huge queues had formed at recycling centre tips in the North West of England and people waiting an hour or more to dump their waste was a bit off-putting.

What to expect if you take a trip to the tip at Slyfield.

However, at Slyfield, when I visited, I didn’t have to wait long at the entrance. The person who first spoke to me then radioed ahead and very soon, as a vehicle left, I was allowed to proceed.

Clear signage tells people what to do.

It was then, as usual at the tip, I was asked what items I had – I replied green waste.

Plenty of space in the metal skips for green waste and black bag waste.

There were several metal containers, or skips, for green waste I could use straight away. Only two other cars were within the dumping area while I was there for about five minutes, resulting in plenty of space for social distancing.

A member of staff keeps the site tidy.

Of course, the staff can’t help people unload, and they were definitely keeping a safe distance, sweeping up any loose material or spraying disinfectant around the metal bins. However, I did get the feeling that I was being closely watched!

More can can be found about the new recycling centre details here on Surrey County Council’s website.

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Responses to Dumping Green Waste Was Easy – David Rose Visits Slyfield Recycling Depot

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    May 14, 2020 at 8:15 pm

    It is a great shame that the person who every year thinks the end of Bowers Lane is the place to dump his/her laurel and rhododendron hedge trimmings did not know this.

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