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Election Agent’s Error Means No Conservative Candidate for Shalford in County Elections

Published on: 8 Apr, 2013
Updated on: 11 Apr, 2013


An ‘administrative error’ has left Shalford voters without a Conservative candidate in the forthcoming Surrey County Council election. The Shalford division is regarded as a safe Tory seat. Andrew Barrand, the election agent responsible, has resigned.

Cllr Simon Gimson

Cllr Simon Gimson -nomination papers were not submitted by the deadline.

The deadline for nominations is understood to have been 12 noon last Thursday (April 4th).

Simon Gimson, the incumbent Conservative county councillor for the division, who lives in Wanborough, was expected to stand and was willing to do so. He has a good attendance record at County Hall in Kingston upon Thames, having attended eight of the nine meetings he was expected to and has been seen regularly at the Guildford Local Committee contributing to debates.

In the previous county council election for this division, a by-election in 2011, he received 3,602 votes, a majority of 2515 over the second placed Liberal Democrat. The Labour candidate received 701 votes.

Mr Gimson said today (Saturday, April 6): “I am sorry that due to an administrative error I will not be a candidate in the election on the 2nd of May.

“It has been a privilege to represent the Shalford division of Surrey County Council for the last two years. I have worked with local organisations and in particular the eight parish councils who all demonstrate the benefit of localism and deliver fantastic results for their communities.

‘I am proud of the achievements of local groups which I have supported with funds from my allocation. I will continue to support residents and provide advice if asked.”

Alan Young, the newly elected chairman of the Guildford Conservative Association, and himself a county councillor for Cranleigh & Ewhurst, said: “There is no Conservative candidate standing in Shalford owing to an administrative error by the Conservative agent for the county council elections. The agent has tendered his resignation, which has been accepted.”

David Goodwin, the leader of the Liberal Democrat group at Millmead, and county councillor for Guildford South West, said: “I too was also somewhat surprised as, having been at County Hall with Simon Gimson, I saw that he was quite a conscientious councillor since he took over from Tony Rooth two years ago.

“However, we all know the rules and the timetables which are set to which we all have to adhere. His agent should’ve known better! I for one am sorry to see him [Simon Gimson] go.”

Angela Gunning the Labour group leader said: “Tough for the incumbent. He must be feeling bad about it all. However, all agents and candidates are  given the timetable for the submission of nomination papers when they are issued. Can’t speculate about the outcome in Shalford however.”

Gareth Evans, the chairman of the Guildford branch of UKIP said: “I found the news extraordinary. In fact, I was shocked. People might not appreciate that UKIP is the only party with candidates in each of the 81 county council divisions in Surrey.

“How well we now do in Shalford is up to the voters but it obviously gives us a greater chance.

“We have done very well in many recent elections, across the country, and I feel that there is something going on. Voters seem to be saying,’Enough is enough!’.

“We think that some of the local government finances are out of control, especially in Surrey where the chief executive is paid over £250,ooo and another 30 senior managers earn over £100,000.

“We want to get the finances of the county council under control and provide a good quality of service.”

There are three candidates standing in the Shalford division in the county council election to be held on May 2:

George Johnson

George Potter
Liberal Democrat

Rose Seber
The Labour Party

The division of Shalford is quite extensive geographically, running westwards along the south side of the Hog’s Back all the way to the Hampshire border. It is numbered 21 in the map below.

SCC Elecdiv_2010_


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Responses to Election Agent’s Error Means No Conservative Candidate for Shalford in County Elections

  1. George Potter Reply

    April 7, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    I am sorry that the voters in Shalford will not have a full range of candidates to vote for in the forthcoming county council election and I do feel a bit sorry for Simon Gimson who did his job as a councillor conscientiously, by all accounts.

    Anyway, it now seems to be a two horse race between us and UKIP.

    I am looking forward to speaking to as many people as I can in the Shalford division over the next few weeks and I am determined to work hard to be an energetic voice for the concerns of local residents.

    George Potter is the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Shalford division in the forthcoming County Council Elections

  2. Martin Phillips Reply

    April 8, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Whilst publishing comments on the story from the other parties is fine, your report seems to have gone further and given UKIP a platform for part of their manifesto. I’m sure it’s not deliberate but it does look as if you are endorsing one party over the others?

    • Martin Giles Reply

      April 8, 2013 at 12:38 pm

      All the party representatives were invited to comment and speculate on the impact of the news. As you can see, the Liberal Democrat candidate has subsequently added his comment. It was an opportunity for all of them to say what they wanted. Quoting someone’s comment should not be interpreted as endorsement.

      The position of The Guildford Dragon NEWS remains strictly apolitical. We support no particular party, and question their role in local politics, but we do wish to encourage interest in local politics generally.

      I hope to be soon inviting all candidates to summarise what they have to offer voters.

  3. Rose Seber Reply

    April 11, 2013 at 10:05 am

    I would not count on it being a two horse race. People may feel ready for a complete change.

    [Rose Seber is the Labour candidate for the Shalford Division in the forthcoming SCC election.]

    • Kit O'Floinn Reply

      April 16, 2013 at 11:29 am

      “A complete change” hasn’t Labour changed this country enough? For the worse that is! Good luck with putting your national manifesto together, you’ll get it done one day! Meanwhile I’m loving Labour being critical of the Tory’s, your doing UKIP’s work for them 🙂

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