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Flavia Takes Her Tango On Tour

Published on: 4 Apr, 2012
Updated on: 7 Apr, 2012

Flavia Cacace.

Guildford-based Flavia Cacace is about to undertake a tour of the British Isles with her dance partner Vincent Simone in the show Midnight Tango. We caught up with her between busy schedules to ask her about the tour, her connections with Guildford and the local charities she supports.

Strictly Come Dancing star Flavia Cacace

interviewed by David Rose

DR: You and your dance partner Vincent Simone are completing a run of your show Midnight Tango at the Aldwych Theatre in London. Soon you are off on a British Isles tour. Will you get a rest in between, and how have you been preparing for the show as it goes on the road?

Flavia: We are in our last week at the West End and it’s been an incredible experience we will never forget, we certainly hope to be back. We have 10 days off for a much needed rest and start our national tour on April 10 in Newcastle.


DR: Tell us what the show is about and what you enjoy about your performance in it?


Flavia: It’s a unique creation, it’s set in a bar in Argentina, we have two great actors who are the bar owners, an incredible orchestra ‘tango siempre’ and another amazing 10 dancers. You experience life in this bar over an hour an a half. People meet, people fall in love, fights break out and people have a little too much to drink.


DR: Midnight Tango is co-produced by former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips. Can you explain something of how she has worked with you and Vincent on the choreography to create the show?


Flavia: Arlene’s role has been a little different than normal, being co-producer means she has dealt a lot with the publicity of the show, she has been to see it several times in the West end and given us little pointers which has been great.


DR: Do you have input into the design of the costumes you wear in the show?

Flavia: The set designer has the biggest say in the costume designs but he does listen.


DR: You have taken part in six series of Strictly Come Dancing. Can you explain how you became one of the professional dancers?


Flavia: Vincent and I were previously part of Dance Fever, another TV show, and by chance it was the same producer from Strictly. It was a pretty natural progression, we were asked and took some time to make a decision and we are very happy it was the right decision.


DR: You probably have many special memories of taking part. Are there any particular moments that stand out?


Flavia:Vincent and I have performed so many solos on Strictly, some with the live singers and some on our own, I think they will always be our most memorable moments of the show.

DR: What is the rehearsing schedule like for you and your celebrity in learning each week’s dance? And, on average, how many hours practise do you do?


Flavia: We rehearse an average of four to eight hours a day; the amount of time depends on our celeb partner, their background their age, their fitness etc. We have four days, or five if you rehearse on a Sunday too, then studio rehearsals on Friday all day and the show on Saturday. If you stay in the competition you work every single day.


DR: What is the best part of the actual televised show?


Flavia: The relief when you’ve finished the dance and it goes well (if) that is and you get great comments. It makes the whole week’s work worthwhile.


DR: Your family came to Guildford from your native Italy when you were four years old. You later went to St Peter’s Catholic School in Merrow. Do you have any special memories of your time there?


Flavia: I loved my schools in Guildford. I remember always enjoying the creative subjects, one of my favourites was design technology, I loved making things, I’m now actually not too bad at DIY.


DR: You paid a visit to St Peter’s School last year and spoke to some of the current students. What that was about?


Flavia: I hosted the school’s fashion show to help raise funds for the new buildings. I was very happy to be back and see some familiar faces. It’s quite mad to go back to your school and to think how drastically your life has changed and how many things you’ve achieved. But it meant a lot to give something back.


DR: You are  a patron for three charities – Home Start, Danceaid and The Fountain Centre at the St Luke’s Cancer Centre at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Can you tell us a little bit of your interest and involvement with them?


Flavia: Well, I support each one in whichever small way I can. I’ve hosted events for HomeStart and the Fountain Centre. I donate signed photos or shoes for them to auction at their events. I’ve visited the Fountain Centre and had photos taken for the press. I do what I can with the little spare time I have. They are very worthwhile charities and I’m very happy to be supporting them.


DR: After the British Isles tour of Midnight Tango, what’s next?


Flavia: We hope that Midnight Tango will be back in 2013. We have loved being in the West End and hope to be back there again and hopefully also tour again. Then later in 2013 we have several ideas for a whole new stage show which would be very exciting.


Midnight Tango is touring the British Isles from April to July. The show is at Woking’s New Victoria Theatre from May 1 to 5. For details click here.


Also, visit Flavia and Vincent’s own website with lots more details about Midnight Tango, click here

Flavia Cacace and Vincent Simone pictured at a Valentine's Ball in Guildford. Picture by Alan Pearson and from the website

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Responses to Flavia Takes Her Tango On Tour

  1. Sue Doughty

    May 1, 2012 at 10:37 pm

    I saw Vincent and Flavia for one of the first performances of this show – it was amazing then. Tonight I went back with a bunch of girlfriends and we were totally amazed at the whole event. Not one dull moment, music was fantastic and we know that in our next lives we will be tango dancers.