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Free Sunflower Lanyards Show ‘Hidden Disability’

Published on: 3 Aug, 2020
Updated on: 6 Aug, 2020

The sunflower lanyards allow those with hidden disabilities to be recognised.

As shops and businesses emerge from lockdown, some people with a hidden disability such as dementia are finding the new pandemic safety precautions confusing and challenging.

To help them cope with the new norm, home-care provider Right at Home GF is giving away a sunflower lanyard to the first 150 people who get in touch. The lanyards are becoming increasingly recognised across the UK as a discreet symbol showing somebody has a hidden disability and might need additional support, time or understanding.

Alastair Shanks, a champion of dementia sufferers and managing director of Right at Home GF, said: “We decided to help raise awareness about the sunflower campaign because of the increasing number of stories we hear about people with a hidden disability who suffer verbal abuse because they are seen not to be abiding by the new ‘rules’.

“This is distressing and avoidable so if wearing a lanyard can prevent this that has to be a positive outcome for everybody.”

Hidden disabilities include learning difficulties, mental health, dementia, mobility, speech, visual or hearing impairments. Anybody who would like a sunflower lanyard for themselves or a loved one should email or call 01252 783426.

To see organisations in Guildford that recognise the sunflower lanyard, visit and enter your postcode.

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