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Future of Guildford Car Parks To Be Reviewed While Free Lockdown Parking Continues

Published on: 28 May, 2020
Updated on: 28 May, 2020

Guildford Park Car Park – Google Street View

The future of Guildford Park Car Park, which lies between Guildford Park Road and the University of Surrey, will be reviewed after proposals were approved by the Council’s Executive on Tuesday (May 26).

Previously-approved plans had considered a combination of public parking spaces and social housing, but the 400-space car park will now be the subject of further review.

The approved 2016 scheme included a five-storey, 493-space, car park

But now an in-depth study of parking in the town suggests that demand for spaces in Guildford Park Car Park could be met from other car parks in the town, such as Farnham Road and the Onslow Park and Ride.

Entrance to Bright Hill Car Park

The medium and long-term future of Guildford’s Bright Hill Car Park, which contains 113 of the more-than-5,000 spaces managed by the council, is also to be considered following the report by international transport infrastructure consultants Systra.

Cllr Caroline Reeves

Cllr Caroline Reeves, leader of the council said: “This decision reflects the demands of a changing world. One of our key priorities is supporting a vibrant and healthy local economy, whilst at the same time continuing to encourage fewer car journeys into Guildford town centre.

“One option for this site is to invest in a new housing project, to ensure that our residents have access to quality homes, at an affordable price.”

Cllr James Steel

Cllr James Steel, lead councillor for the Environment says: “We must prioritise actions which will tackle climate change and reduce the significant congestion we experience around Guildford, particularly with future parking requirements so uncertain due to a challenging retail environment and longer-term changes in technology.

“The ways in which people visit our town centre and support the local economy will continue to change and our plans for the future must reflect that.”

Current parking restrictions

Castle Car Park entrance

Owing to the pandemic lockdown, GBC has confirmed that all Guildford car parks are still free of charge. Artington, on the A3100 Old Portsmouth Road, is the only Park & Ride site open. It is free to park but those who use the bus service are charged.

The parking and charging regimes are subject to an “ongoing review with plans to return services and charges when the council feels it is appropriate.”

Enforcement of yellow line restrictions continues on behalf of Surrey County Council, whose current guidelines ask for the enforcement of double yellow lines and also for single yellow lines or other controls on busier routes where this is causing traffic issues locally.

A council spokesperson added: “As lockdown eases and traffic increases there will be more measures in place to prevent issues such as illegal parking . This is under an ongoing review by Surrey County Council.”


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Responses to Future of Guildford Car Parks To Be Reviewed While Free Lockdown Parking Continues

  1. S Callanan Reply

    May 28, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    An excellent idea to encourage more use of the Park and Ride at Onslow. This is very much the time for a radical approach to cars in Guildford.

    So I agree, let’s use the space at Guildford Park for social housing (which we need) instead of for more cars in the town (which we don’t). And while we’re at it, let’s turn the car parks at the George Abbott and at Millmead into public places for enjoyment. There would have to a number of car park spaces for the disabled, still, but I’m sure that’s possible.

  2. Sara Tokunaga Reply

    May 29, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    What a pity GBC didn’t listen to the residents of Guildford Park Avenue and Rupert Road all those years ago. We didn’t want a 500-space multi-storey car park on our doorstep and pushed for desperately needed social housing.

    Instead GBC, Cllr Reeves included, voted for this monstrosity. Residents with families have moved away rather than be overlooked by the car park and more houses are becoming student accommodation, further destroying the permanent resident community spirit.

    To add insult to injury we are now informed an international transport infrastructure consultancy has been used to tell GBC what we already knew and pointed out to the council at the time. We have had to put up with years of noise, dirt and dust while GBC has dithered. It should stop prevaricating and finally move forward with this project which has been a white elephant for much too long.

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