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G Live Customers Depriving Residents of Parking Spaces

Published on: 18 Jun, 2012
Updated on: 18 Jun, 2012

The car park at G Live

Guildford residents, with valid parking permits feel that they are being made to make the choice between parking illegally or finding spaces away from their own roads. The problem, they say, is the demand for allocated parking spaces, normally used by residents, from G Live customers.

Some residents have commented that despite possession of permits they are now forced to use the York Road Car Park or park in other roads further away. They complain that not enough thought was given to the problem during the design stage of the new venue.

Dene Road sign showing current parking restrictions

“It is a problem.” said one, “The places are often taken by those going to G Live so that they avoid the parking fee in the G Live car-park.” Another said, “Sometimes we have to park as far away as Maori Road because all the spaces here have been taken. If they could extend the hours of restriction it would probably solve the problem.”

The council are reported to be reviewing the problem and the idea of extending the hours of restriction is thought to be under consideration.

The roads mostly affected are Dene Road, Denmark Road and Eastgate Gardens. The construction of G Live resulted in a reduction of the number of parking spaces. There are now 80 on site and 87 below ground. some of these are likely to be required by performing artists and their teams.

The nearest alternative car park for residents and customers is the one in York Road but it is eight minute walk and there is a £1 charge.  One concern is that disabled customers might find the uphill walk from the car park to G Live difficult.

GBC Councillor, Caroline Reeves, commented: “GBC Parking Services have consulted with residents and businesses on Dene Road, Denmark Road, York Road and Eastgate Gardens. The results were presented at the meeting of the Guildford Local Committee on Wednesday 13 June.

“It was agreed that, with the exception of York Road, the operational hours should be extended to 9pm. There will also be a review of the signage and the yellow lines due to the revised access arrangements to G-Live.

“After further informal consultation with ward members and residents, the decision will be referred back to the Local Committee for ratification and then the changes will be advertised and implemented.

“There was a very low level of response to the consultation from residents in York Road and London Road and so no change is suggested, although the yellow lines will be reviewed.”

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