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GBC Exec Discuss Mayoral Vacancy As ‘Item of Urgent Business’

Published on: 27 Mar, 2012
Updated on: 11 Apr, 2012

The now vacant post of Guildford Mayor for 2012-13 was raised as a matter of urgency at last night’s Executive Meeting of Guildford Borough Council. The vacancy has arisen because of the sudden withdrawal of Cllr John Garrett, the current Deputy Mayor, from the election.

The council has, to date, followed the guiding principle that the Deputy Mayor is elected to be the Mayor for the following year.

Council officers prepared a paper outlining the  following options:

1. Invite nominations from councillors who have not already served as Mayor. (i.e. the usual method)

2. To invite the Deputy Mayor designate, Cllr Diana Lockyer-Nibbs to accept the nomination. (This has already been explored. Cllr Lockyer-Nibbs is unable to set aside the time commitment required for the role in 2012-13 and, in any case, she would prefer to be a Deputy Mayor first.)

3. To invite nominations from any councillor, regardless of seniority. (It was commented that whilst this might attract nominations from more junior councillors it could result in an inexperienced councillor taking on the role in what will be a very demanding year for the Mayor.)

4. To, unusually, invite nominations from those who have previously served as Mayor. (Although unusual there are precedents. There are eight serving councillors who have been Mayor. The advantage of this option is that an experienced Mayor for this busy forthcoming year.)

Rather than select a particular option the executive agreed to seek nominations from all councillors who are able to undertake the role, including those who have already served. The new mayor will need to be elected at the next general council meeting on April 5th. It is expected that the number of councillors who can make sufficient time available for the term of office will be limited.

The Guildford Dragon understands, that Cllr Garrett, believed to be 75, decided to withdraw his nomination on medical advice.

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