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Giving Everyone An Opportunity To Join And Benefit From The Guildford Time Bank

Published on: 24 Nov, 2017
Updated on: 28 Nov, 2017

The Guildford Time Bank, the scheme where people are spending time helping others and earning time credits in return for help they may need themselves, continues to grow.

Ian Ross (left) and David Rose of Voluntary Action South West Surrey, who are helping to establish the Guildford Time Bank.

To ensure older and more vulnerable people have the opportunity to be a part of it, additional help is now available to get them started.

Voluntary Action South West Surrey is supporting the Guildford Time Bank as it grows. Now, David Rose, who is the co-ordinator of Voluntary Action’s Joining In! project, will be encouraging more people to sign up, particularly older people. He will help people who may not be comfortable using a computer and the internet as that is required to use the time bank efficiently.

He said: “So many people have something to offer others that only costs them their time. They can get help back in return, which can be from any of the time bank members. Typical examples are someone helping an elderly person with their shopping, or doing some DIY. Perhaps offering computer skills or teaching someone how to play a musical instrument. It could even be spending a little time chatting to someone on the phone who is isolated and lonely.

“As membership grows so will the range of skills that will be on offer. Once you have joined your time is valued equally as everyone else’s time as you earn time credits with no money changing hands.”

By logging on to the Guildford Time Bank’s website, members can post the services they have to offer and what they seek in return and make contact with other members in a secure way.

Part of David’s work with the Guildford Time Bank will also be developing its Guardian Angel scheme. This will take the form of recruiting and training people to help time bank members who are not online on a regular basis. An ideal Guardian Angel could be someone who is a key member or an organiser of a community group, or organisation.

The co-ordinator of The Guildford Time Bank is Ian Ross. He said: “Currently we have more members offering help than those who are requesting it. David’s role in recruiting more members along with the Guardian Angels will undoubtedly help to redress this.”

The Guildford Time Bank was launched in 2016 after consultation with community groups and local residents. It is part of the Surrey network of time banks and a member of Timebanking UK, a registered charity.

Funding for the additional support to The Guildford Time Bank has come from The Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All, secured from a bid by Voluntary Action South West Surrey. It thanks the Big Lottery for the funds.

For more details about joining the Guildford Time Bank, particularly if you would like to be a Guardian Angel, contact Ian Ross on 07798 754027. Email: or David Rose on 07825 419408. Email:

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