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UKIP Pleased To Be The Only Political Party Exhibiting at Business Show

Published on: 17 May, 2013
Updated on: 20 May, 2013
Local UKIP leader Garreth Evans and party member...

Local UKIP leader Garreth Evans and party member Terry Wadham at their exhibition stand

By Maria Rayner

The UK Independence Party’s stand at the Guildford Means Business show attracted much interest this year. All the main political parties were invited to take part by the organisers but only UKIP took up the offer.

The stand was manned by enthusiastic party members hoping to capitalise on their recent electoral success. Many of the volunteers are new to canvassing and found the experience during the election exciting.

Laurence Hodge said: “Coming here is a good way to fly the flag. We’re on an upward roll so exhibiting and speaking to small businesses allows us to make good use of our scant resources.”

UKIP capitalised on the Conservative party’s failure to properly nominate a candidate for the Shalford division in the recent Surrey County Council elections. Cllr George Johnson won the seat and now represents one of the largest wards geographically. He was described by his party colleagues as “very busy”.

County Councillor George Johnson (UKIP, Shalford) talks to a visitor

County Councillor George Johnson (UKIP, Shalford) talks to a visitor

Mr Hodge added: “We comprise a lot of people who are new to politics. The first time you knock on doors it’s daunting but then it becomes fun. We were also supported by people who’d previously leafleted for the Lib Dems.”

Hodge’s background is financial, while his party colleagues, Terry and Ngaire (pronounced Nyree) Wadman have experience of running small businesses. They think that UKIP addresses the concerns of many business people attending the event and were confident of recruiting new members.

Mrs Wadman said: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of the nation. We’re drowning under the weight of EU legislation.”

Her husband Terry added that he had voted for the Common Market in 1975 but had not imagined the EU in its current format.

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