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Green Lane Issues Continue – Meeting Called

Published on: 8 Nov, 2012
Updated on: 10 Nov, 2012

The beginning of Green Lane

Issues associated with Green Lane are once again causing concern.

Auriol Earle, who is one of many Guildford residents to use the lane to walk her dogs said: “First it was building applications, then it was verge cutting.  Once the building permissions were granted there was building traffic, then it was notices announcing that this was Bridleway 14 and no cars should drive along it or park on the verges. 

“Then it was bollards and notices on bollards – or rather notices which were instantly and criminally removed from the bollards as they forbade parking.”

The Green Lane continues from the top of the Mount to the Hog’s Back. It is the ancient western route-way out of Guildford by passed by the Farnham Road, with its less challenging gradient in the 19th century. It is also Guildford town’s nearest gateway to the Downs.

Mrs Earle continued: “While walking my dog up the lane  it did seem to me that there seemed to be not only more traffic but other changes near the Fort:  There were large metal gates adorned with large highly coloured posters advertising outdoor activities and children’s party activities.  The gates closed off a large car park, accessed by a surfaced driveway.  Inside were several large vehicles – notices forbade public access.

“The Fort building itself was closed off by locked gates and the field beyond it which used to be used for children’s camping under canvas was occupied by a large marquee, a climbing wall and other equipment.  The final straw came when I heard from a friend who lives at the Fort that there had been 90 cars parked along the access lane the previous evening.”

Mrs Earle rang David Goodwin her Lib Dem County Councillor.  He advised taking a question to the Local Committee which sorts out problems between the Borough and the County.  He told her that activities at the Fort were organised by  Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development (SOLD).

“I telephoned the organisation and spoke to it head Martin Cusselle He patiently answered all my questions. It seems possible, that SOLD are was not aware of problems it might be causing walkers and the residents of the Fort site.  So I have arranged a meeting, to be hosted by St Catherine’s Village Association and Mr. Cusselle has agreed to come and speak to local people who were interested.  At very short notice St. Catherine’s Village  Association agreed to host this meeting on Monday, November 12th at 7.30pm at St Catherine’s Village Hall.

Mrs Earle concluded: “When we all know what SOLD is and what it does we can take a question to the Local Committee which will be held in Guildford on 27th November.   It will then be up to Guildford and Surrey County Councillors to find solutions to any problems identified.”

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