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Guildford Duo Indie and Pixie Lose Out in TV’s The Voice

Published on: 23 Apr, 2012
Updated on: 23 Apr, 2012

Guildford based Indie and Pixie, the girl singing duo, crashed out of The Voice TV talent show last night (Sunday, April 22) following a controversial exchange with their coach Jessie J.

They lost out to fellow competitor Beck Hill against whom they had been paired. All judges agreed that despite losing out the duo had progressed considerably since their initial performance.

In a broadcast part of a coaching session Indie said: “In the dividing up of the song, it feels like Becky’s getting all the big bits because we’re a duo. We felt like we’ve been given the safer part of the song and we want to take chances as well.”

Jessie hinted during the recorded session that she believed Becky to have a stronger voice. Indie commented: “She kept saying: ‘Don’t get intimidated by Becky’s big voice’, but we have big voices. We just haven’t had a chance to show it.”

Pixie added: “We look like backing vocalists.”

Jessie J responded by saying: “You’re still getting moments. It’s just the way you sing them.”

Later, but before the sing off, she added: “If there is tension I am happy… as long as it’s twisted into a great performance.”

After the decision another judge, Black Eyed Pea member,, was heard to express surprise at Jessie J’s decision saying that he thought the duo could have been developed more than Becky. Asking why she had not chosen Indie and Pixie he said: “Was it because they were chatterboxes?” Jessie nodded her agreement.

During the week since their first appearance on The Voice a fan base for the two girls has been created. Last night Indie and Pixie tweeted: “Thank you everyone for your support.. It’s all good guys! We’re so happy for @rebeckyhill , love her more than life xxxxxx.”

The question fans are asking now is what will be next for these ACM students who, despite losing last night, have created quite an impression.

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