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Guildford Labour Party Thanks Supporters, Member, and Voters

Published on: 5 May, 2019
Updated on: 8 May, 2019

Labour candidates hear the result of the election in Westborough ward.

Guildford Labour Party is thanking all members, supporters and voters for their efforts during the local elections on Thursday.

Brian Creese, party vice-chair, said: “We feel we ran a positive campaign focused on our priorities for Guildford, affordable housing, the plight of private renters, better public transport, imaginative approaches to the High Street and the environment.

“It was a challenging election for us, but we maintained our share of the vote and retained our [two] councillors, but only because of the hard work from our supporters.

“We offer our congratulations to all the new councillors, who will certainly change the nature of the council, and hope they are able to enact their promises of bringing more transparency to the running of Guildford council.

“We would also add that the council needs to work for the benefit of the many, not the few, for all parts of the borough, not just the villages, and for the less well-off as well as the wealthy.

“If they can achieve that, they will continue to receive our support.”

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