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Guildford Vision Group Calls Public Meeting To Discuss North Street Proposals

Published on: 9 Apr, 2013
Updated on: 9 Apr, 2013
An illistration from the Lend Lease proposal to show their 'Design Approach'

An illustration from the Lend Lease proposal to show their ‘design concept’ for the North Street development

The Guildford Vision Group (GVG) is calling a public meeting to discuss the proposals for the development of North Street.

The meeting is to be held at 7.30pm on Monday, April 15, in the Millmead Baptist Centre.

The Guildford Vision Group Notice

The Guildford Vision Group notice.

The announcement comes in the wake of redacted versions of the proposals submitted by the three short-listed developers: Lend Lease, Queensberry, and Land Securities, being published by Guildford Borough Council (GBC).

Lend Lease is the developer being recommended by the selection committee to the council Executive. It is believed that GVG might not agree with this recommendation.

Also of relevance to the situation is the acquisition of the Friary Centre, and some surrounding properties, by PRUPIM who obtained the property in a swap deal with Hermes.

Hermes, who some believe was annoyed by its ‘exclusion’ from the North Street project, has, in turn, taken on PRUPIM’s interest in a Milton Keynes shopping centre.

It is understood that PRUPIM also owns the freehold of the Debenham’s store in Millbrook and other property in North Street.

Bill Stokoe, a spokesman for the GVG, said: “The GVG meeting is being called because the council is poised to make a crucial decision about the development of North Street.

“On the 18th April the GBC Executive is currently scheduled to review the GBC Evaluation Panel’s recommendation that, of their three short-listed candidates, Lend Lease be selected as the developer.

“The GVG meeting will allow our supporters to better understand the development and developer selection process GBC adopted, how GVG itself ranked the three developer candidates, and what happens next.

“Remember, there is as yet no approved scheme to be developed, and the advent of PRUPIM, buyers of Hermes’s interests in Guildford, including the Friary and Dominion House, may well impact the way ahead.

“The view of the GVG meeting will be fed back to the Executive in advance of their meeting on the 18th. We will firm up our agenda once the meeting papers have been published this Thursday.”

The agenda for the GBC Executive meeting on April 18 has not yet been published (as of 8.30pm, April 9).

Some readers of The Guildford Dragon NEWS have questioned the mandate of the GVG and its right to be specially consulted by the council. Others have said that the group does represent them and their views. A previous GVG public meeting attracted around 200 Guildford residents.

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Responses to Guildford Vision Group Calls Public Meeting To Discuss North Street Proposals

  1. Bibhas Neogi Reply

    April 14, 2013 at 10:35 am

    I hope the meeting brings up constructive suggestions for the development of North Street and traffic congestion issues for the whole of Guildford. Of special interest is the developers’ suggested replacement of the bus station with almost equal number of on-street stands. I wonder if this is going to be an improvement.

    I’m sorry to miss this event as I’ll be out of the country but suggestions for improvements are on my website. You could find it by searching for ‘revamp guildford gyratory’ or by clicking on my highlighted name. If you agree with these suggestions, please do voice your support when opportunities arise.

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