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‘I Was On the Bridge When It Collapsed’ – Dramatic Witness Account With Video

Published on: 3 Nov, 2019
Updated on: 5 Nov, 2019

A woman standing on the Tumbling Bay Weir bridge when it collapsed yesterday (November 2) has recounted her lucky escape to The Guildford Dragon.

Julie Powell’s Cockerpoo dog Cali who sensed trouble first.

Julie Powell, 34, from Shalford said: “I was walking home to Shalford from Guildford with my dog at around 2.45pm and as I got onto the bridge that goes over the weir, a little past Millmead Lock, I noticed the river was high by the weir.

“The current look unusually strong, so I decided to take a video on my phone to show my husband.

“My dog Cali had been ahead of me, near the far end of the bridge but she seemed to sense the danger first and came back past me onto the path on the Guildford side.

“As I started the video, the bridge began to collapse. I gave a little yell and had to leap from the bridge back onto the path.

“It was scary.

“I called my husband and said I’d meet him at The Brittania pub. He called the police and they said it was not a matter for them so he rang again and spoke to the Fire Service who came.”

Ms Powell added: “I don’t think anyone is to blame. I presume the council check such things every year or so. But I might have felt differently if I or my dog had gone in the water.”

The Wey Navigation is owned by the National Trust.

The pictures below were taken by Mrs Powell after the collapse.

The weir Bridge moments after its collapse.

A few minutes later and, without the flow control of the weir, the water level between the navigation on the left and the natural river course on the right has equalised.  Already the level in the navigation has lowered as can be seen looking at the bank further upstream.


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