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Indie Of The Month: Twin Larder Zero Waste Shop

Published on: 13 Jun, 2020
Updated on: 15 Jun, 2020

by Hugh Coakley

Going into Twin Larder, the zero waste shop in Ash, you get the comfortable feeling of walking into an old-fashioned shop.

Rows of filled jars, scales, a friendly face, very clean and organised but also simple and straightforward. You bring your containers, or use one of the clean but used containers available in the shop, and you buy the amount you want, whether it be eco-friendly washing up liquid or organic spices. So, as far as possible, no waste on packaging or on the amount you want.

Why the name Twin Larder? Owner and manager Karla Reynolds wanted to give her shop a name that had personal connection with her and, with twin girls aged seven, Twin Larder fitted the bill.

Twin Larder, the zero waste shop on the Guildford Road in Ash.

And why zero waste? She was successfully running an eBay business selling Sylvanian dolls and accessories but, Karla said: “I needed a purpose. I always wanted a shop and online was just not the same.

“There were zero waste shops in London, Wales, Scotland but hardly any in the South East and it is something that I believe in.”

Starting with a pop-up stall in a pub in March 2019, she progressed on to the shop at 57 Guildford Road, Ash GU12 6BQ the following September.

Twin Larder has an old fashioned, comfortable feel with filled jars on the shelfs and a friendly greeting.

Karla said she has had support from community from the start. “All the furniture and fittings are second hand and 90% were given to me by people who thought that zero waste concept was a good idea.

“Each step of the way, I have kept people informed of what I was planning through the Twin Larder Facebook page. I wouldn’t have had the courage to open the shop if I hadn’t had such fantastic support.”

Karla Reynolds, owner and manager of Twin Larder, spoke to The Guildford Dragon NEWS about the changes she made to her business model to continue to trade safely under the pandemic.

She has an enthusiastic support on Facebook with nearly 3,000 people following her. “I felt that it would work right from the start.”

Karla appears to be very confident and business-like when talking about all the changes she has made to keep working safely during the pandemic. She now has a ‘drop in’ service on Wednesday to Saturday, 10am until 2pm and ‘click and collect’ with online bookings for appointments.

Karla Reynolds at the Twin Larder ‘drop in’ allowing contact-free shopping at the Twin Larder door.

Usefully, there is parking for cars and bikes right outside the shop. Collecting the shopping, contact-free at the Twin Larder door, can be convenient.

What are her plans for the shop? Karla said: “Next week, the shops are opening up around the country. A lot will not survive so it is probably too early to expand but I would like more space in the shop.

“I tell people that supporting local shops and businesses supports the local community and that is good. Everything I have seen so far has shown me that people will continue to support us and we will continue as a shop here.”

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