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Is It Time For Guildford Citizens To Elect Our Mayor?

Published on: 29 Mar, 2012
Updated on: 29 Mar, 2012

From Bernard Parke
Hon Alderman

This year will no doubt be remembered for the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee.

However, currently there is a problem of knowing who will represent Guildford as its Mayor.

This issue will be raised as late as the 5th April, which is very close to the date of Mayor making on the 2nd May.

There appears to be some difficulty finding a suitable or willing candidate to be Guildford’s first citizen.

Perhaps the whole system of the Mayoralty should be re-examined as the office has been reduced mainly to a ceremonial one. In addition, the Borough now has a Chief Executive.

Can we in these days of cost cutting afford to have both?

Perhaps the two offices should now be combined and, like London, Guildford should have a democratically elected Mayor. Neither of the two present posts reflect a democratic representation which is perhaps more important now than ever.

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