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Letter: Large Projects With Costly Consultants Are Not the Answer

Published on: 4 Aug, 2020
Updated on: 4 Mar, 2021

Chapel Street

From: Bob Bromham

Planning Secretary, Holy Trinity Amenity Group

In response to: Tories Object After Council Calls Halt to Town Centre Upgrades

We are relieved the plan to “upgrade” Chapel Street has been axed. That would have spoiled its historic character. As local residents and frequent users of the area and its businesses, although we seek improvements, most of those proposed were inappropriate and costly. We thank those, particularly our councillors, who have now applied some common sense to the situation.

Rather than the introduction of gimmicky features to our town centre, the public realm needs proper maintenance and detail improvements that respect its historic character and make it a cared-for and welcoming place. The spreading rash of Tarmac replacement of areas of paved pavements, and even real stone ones, has to be stopped.

Proper pedestrianisation, banning of A-boards and “To Let” signs, 20mph limits, reduction of on-street parking and pedestrian priority crossings, are all improvements that could be obtained at low cost as they are in many other towns.

Large projects using costly external consultants are not the solution. We hope a way can be found for the responsible authority, the SCC, to pursue these actions.

This is a difficult problem and imaginative solutions will be needed.

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test One Response to Letter: Large Projects With Costly Consultants Are Not the Answer

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    August 4, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    Large projects with costly consultants. Oh so true of the Wayside Urban Village. They want heat pumps for the 1,500 homes (1,800 with the standardd 20% uplift). Approximate cost £45 million, not sure if the eight consulting firms have added that cost to the mix for financing this project.

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