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Lend Lease Recommended as North Street Development Partner

Published on: 28 Mar, 2013
Updated on: 1 Apr, 2013


Lend Lease - An illustration of how the new development could look from North Street

Lend Lease – An illustration of how the new development could look from North Street

Lend Lease is to be recommended Guildford Borough Council’s preferred developer for North Street.

The decision follows last month’s submission of formal bids from three short-listed developers – Lend Lease, Land Securities and Queensberry Real Estate. The Council’s Executive will consider the recommendation on Thursday, April 18.

Cllr James Palmer, Lead Councillor for Town Centre Planning and Transport, said: “We received high quality, detailed bids from the short-listed developers. All three demonstrate an innovative approach to the future of this key town centre site. We are particularly impressed by the enthusiasm and understanding for this project shown by Lend Lease.”

“Our evaluation panel carefully reviewed the bids and considered the valuable feedback from local residents, businesses and groups, including the stakeholder engagement event in December.

“We are determined to bring forward a successful development to help support Guildford’s thriving economy now and into the future.”

Lend lease logo

All three proposals have been published. The Lend Lease proposal starts with a statement from

Richard Coppell, Head of Retail Development, Lend Lease EMEA: “Lend Lease has an excellent record in retail development. We are proud of not only what we have achieved but also how we have achieved it – through long lasting relationships and partnerships. Our global vision is to create the best places, aligning our values with the town and the community’s aspirations.
“We are the recognised leaders in sustainable communities which deliver environmental and social benefits as well as economic outcomes. The opportunity we have at Guildford is to work towards creating a sustainable future. Lend Lease is unique, as no other company has our end to end ability of ownership, development and delivery. By creating the best places we can directly contribute to a lasting and sustainable legacy.
“Guildford is a special place to live, work, shop and visit. It has a great setting, a delightful mix of buildings and a rich heritage. Our early thinking on design embraces the unique and distinctive urban grain to create a vision that will complement and enhance the town. Our initial concept design and vision will establish a solid foundation to work together in partnership to deliver the council’s objectives.
“We are passionate about the North Street opportunity and it would be a privilege to work with the borough in helping to shape the town. We look forward to forging a long term relationship.
“Our vision is to revitalise the North Street area of Guildford and create a new sense of place that sits comfortably with the past and builds upon the existing strengths of the town.”


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Responses to Lend Lease Recommended as North Street Development Partner

  1. Kelly-Marie Blundell Reply

    March 28, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    As I understand, the redevelopment of North Street has been planned for since 1986.

    It would be wonderful to develop the area and enhance Guildford’s town centre for residents and businesses.

    Let’s hope it’s achieved this time.

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