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Letter: Are They Worried People Might Like A ‘Car-free’ Day?

Published on: 26 Jun, 2020
Updated on: 26 Jun, 2020

From Simon Schulz

In response to: Surrey Rejection Of Car-Free Day In Guildford ‘Undemocratic’

I support Cllr Maddie Redpath’s position. It may be worth revisiting this issue as lockdown is further relaxed as I understand that a lot of people in Guildford have found the traffic reduction during lockdown somewhat eye-opening. My sense is that there could actually be substantial support for reconfiguring land-use to prioritise people rather than motor vehicles, in the post-Covid era.

As a resident of one of the mentioned “diversion routes”, through Compton, contrary to Cllr Matt Furniss’s comments, I would have no problem with Guildford having a car-free day. It is just one day per year, and only some streets need to be closed. I can hardly see it affecting us much. And who knows, maybe we might get our own car-free day sometime in the future; that would be nice.

Cars have priority on all the other days of the year, and it is testament to the level of selfishness of the “car lobby” that 364 days is not enough, it has to be 365.

Presumably of course, the underlying reason is that they are afraid that people might like it.

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