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Letter: Ben Paton Has The Right To Object And His Objections Make Sense

Published on: 17 Jul, 2016
Updated on: 17 Jul, 2016

GL Hearn SHMA Oct 2015From Jules Cranwell

Ben Paton has made so much more sense in this debate, because he is focused on the evidence, which Guildford Borough Council refuses to disclose in respect of the OAN [Objectively Assessed Need] and SHMA [Strategic Housing Market Assessment] calculations.

Also, he has never hidden he fact that he is a close neighbour of the proposed Wisley housing estate, despite the repeated claims to the contrary from Cllr Spooner.

Is caring for your village, proposed for an expansion of its housing by 10,000% so parochial?

As to objectivity, why does Cllr Spooner berate one of the residents he has been elected to serve?

Let’s please have some manners back from those who represent us.

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