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Letter: Cllr Cross Is A Disgrace To His Party

Published on: 12 Apr, 2019
Updated on: 12 Apr, 2019

From Paul Spooner

Conservative Leader of Guildford Borough Council and candidate for South Ash & Tongham

In response to: GBC’s MD Has Lost the Plot

I trust that after reading the legal position supported by leading counsel James Findlay QC, sent to Colin Cross and all other councillors by Mr Whiteman and after hearing Mr Findlay’s briefing at full council on Tuesday [April 9, 2019] that Cllr Cross will apologise to Mr Whiteman and retract his comments.

Cllr Cross is a disgrace to his ‘latest’ party.

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test One Response to Letter: Cllr Cross Is A Disgrace To His Party

  1. Colin Cross Reply

    April 15, 2019 at 2:05 pm

    Please refer below for my response to Clare Morris’s defence of Mr Whiteman, suffice to say here that I am not making any apology for my stance that this Local Plan should not be going ahead before the 2/5 Election, as per the purdah rules.

    My reference to “losing the plot” is not an insult but a reflection on Mr Whiteman’s current support for the Local Plan vote taking place in the purdah period. The definition of losing the plot is “to lose sight of an important objective or principle ” and that is precisely what I believe to have occurred here. No amount of highly paid advice from GBC’s counsel will alter my view, after all, as was once remarked, “Well he would say that, wouldn’t he?”

    Finally, as to the slur that I am a disgrace to my party, I would point out to Cllr Spooner that he is impugning my good name in direct breach of the GBC Councillors’ Code of Conduct, items 2.1 and 4, namely all councillors are to treat others with due respect and we are not to conduct ourselves in a manner which can be regarded as bringing either their office or the council into disrepute.

    It, therefore, appears that it is not me that needs to apologise, it is for Cllr Spooner to do so. If not, then we must ask who is a disgrace to both his party and the council as a whole?

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