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Letter: Gavin Morgan’s Letter on Burchatts Barn Has Been Misunderstood

Published on: 24 May, 2020
Updated on: 24 May, 2020

Burchatts Barn – Photo Mandy Millyard

From John Perkins 

In response to: It Is Not True That the Community Is Losing Burchatts Barn

Mr Andrew Plumridge misunderstands Gavin Morgan’s reference to “Guildford” losing a beautiful community hall. It is obvious that Guildford in this context refers to the community and not the town. His obtuseness is compounded by his specious observation that “the building will still be beautiful”.

In what way will it still be accessible? Only a part of it will be available, no doubt outside the hours operated by the clinic when “it is convenient”. As the clinic already exists, the town is “gaining” nothing.

Many, if not most, community halls have equipped kitchens. For them to pay managers, cleaners, gardeners and other tradesmen is also normal. They still succeed in keeping their prices well below those demanded by GBC.

Providing toilets is an obligation, not a justification for higher charges. If it’s a matter of charitable status, I doubt there was any good reason why GBC could not have set up an independent charitable trust to run it as a village hall.

Being a “community facility” is not the same as having “a community use”. The former can be applied to every shop, including nail bars and tattoo parlours, whereas the latter is something open to everyone.

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