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Letter: We Should Include All the Council Workers in Our Thanks

Published on: 24 Apr, 2020
Updated on: 24 Apr, 2020

From John Redpath

R4GV borough councillor for Holy Trinity

I thank Peter Verrall for his suggestion which is truly worthy, but I would like to extend what he proposes to thank all those who work for the Borough Council (male and female) during these extraordinary times.

So much praise is quite rightly going to our NHS workers who are taking on one of the toughest challenges they are ever likely to see in their lifetime; they do indeed deserve our praise and I was outside last night banging a wooden spoon on a saucepan to show my appreciation. But, please don’t forget all the GBC employees who are managing to keep operations as normal.

Mr Verrall mentions rubbish and recycling still being collected, but please remember the thousands of dependent residents and the homeless who continue to require care. Through working with various charities the council has found a bed for every homeless person in Guildford and the foodbanks have been kept well stocked with the help and generosity of the public.

Currently, up to 60 council officers have been re-allocated to more important duties and to cover for staff sickness or staff having to self-isolate. The list of what the council provide is too long to mention here but, in these awful times, I would ask everyone to show their appreciation for all Borough Council employees as they work so diligently and quietly behind the scenes.

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