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Letter: Hinemihi Has Little Connection With The New Zealand High Commission

Published on: 5 Dec, 2017
Updated on: 5 Dec, 2017

Hinemihi – Photo Geograph

From Alan Gallup

member of Te Maru O Hinemihi, Ngati Ranana (the London Maori Club)

Please may I correct an inaccuracy in your recent story Our Former Dominions Should Be Remembered When Forging Better International Relations in which Bernard Parke states that the Maori Meeting House Hinemihi o te Ao Tawhito at Clandon Park “has for many years been the unofficial meeting house for the NZ High Commission”.

This is not the case. Apart from showing an on-going interest in the role this historic building plays at this National Trust property, the High Commission has little to do with Hinemihi, which serves members of the preservation group Te Maru O Hinemihi, Ngati Ranana (the London Maori Club), National Trust members and other visitors to Clandon Park.

Hinemihi will be the subject of much change at Clandon Park in 2018 and The Guildford Dragon NEWS will be kept up-to-date about these innovations in due course.

Thank you for the correction and for undertaking to keep our readers up to date with relevant developments. Ed.

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Responses to Letter: Hinemihi Has Little Connection With The New Zealand High Commission

  1. Ngaire Wadman Reply

    December 5, 2017 at 11:55 am

    I’d like to thank Alan Gallup for his response and input into this matter, which I’m following with great interest. It’s vital to keep the facts clear, while also maintaining the maximum public interest in this unique and precious building.

    The ongoing provision of detailed updates, as well as the opportunity for members of the public to explore the exciting potential of the Hinemihi project and its history, is an excellent window here. The involvement of the NZ High Commission, although in reality possibly less than had been assumed, is still a good indication to the average reader of the importance of the project.

  2. A Atkinson Reply

    December 5, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Great to see members of the London Maori Club reading The Dragon. I have worked with them on several events and witnessed very moving displays by them over the years. Sadly, I’m not that involved with the High Commission anymore now I’m working with those from over in Aotearoa’s West Island.

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