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Letter: I Support Lord Adonis

Published on: 7 Apr, 2019
Updated on: 7 Apr, 2019

From John Schluter

In response to: Lord Adonis’s Campaign In Guildford for a ‘People’s Vote’ Wins Applause

What Lord Adonis (and myself) are campaigning for is a proper vote on whatever deal Parliament comes up with and whether the electorate would prefer that to remaining in the EU.

If the deal is demonstrably better then surely it will win? What I don’t want to see is a rerun of the referendum with its false assumptions and statements, not to mention the criminality.

I fully understand that some people will feel let down, that the Government has failed to deliver what they asked for but it would seem that there are so many versions of leaving that even the party that instigated the whole thing can’t agree.

Democracy is fluid and rather than make false promises about what we might do, let’s see what we will do in the event of a Leave vote. Then let the electorate decide.

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test 2 Responses to Letter: I Support Lord Adonis

  1. P Gatford Reply

    April 7, 2019 at 8:13 pm

    I believe that the current crops of Parliamentarians are a disgrace. The main parties were elected on a manifesto to support the result of the referendum and leave the European Union. There were no, ‘ifs, buts or maybes’ created by those who wish to Remain. The very clear instruction throughout the UK was just to Leave the control of Brussels.

    We do not need another, this time likely-to-be rigged, referendum to satisfy the egos and poor losers of a massively supported vote. That opens a can of worms that only people like Lord Adonis could feed on.

    Our Members of Parliament, and I include our local Guildford representative, have individually and collectively failed to fulfil a promise given to the people two and a half years ago. And those fueling this dishonesty should hang their heads in shame.

  2. John Schluter Reply

    April 9, 2019 at 1:04 am

    Perhaps P Gatford could spell out precisely the optimum course of action that he or she would pursue in order to assist the agriculture and fishing industries which rely on the EU as a selling market, the manufacturing industries based in these islands who are reliant on friction-free customs, the continuation of the GFA in respect of no hard border, the future of the open skies agreement, EHIC regulations, the rights and travel arrangements of EU citizens in the UK, the rights and travel arrangements of British citizens living in the EU, the continuation of the Erasmus programme, the threat to the NHS from medicines and drugs being delayed at customs…

    I could go on further but surely the penny has dropped by now that forty plus years of integration cannot be easily undone in a matter of months. Time for a rethink, please listen to Peter Oborne:

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