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Letter: Let’s Appreciate Our Care Homes Staff

Published on: 28 Apr, 2020
Updated on: 28 Apr, 2020

Care Home nursing

From Tony Rooth

R4GV borough councillor for Pilgrims

In response to: We Should Include All the Council Workers in Our Thanks

John Redpath is absolutely right that we should show our appreciation to all GBC workers for their work to try and cope with the COVID 19 pandemic.

We should also recognise the contribution of staff in other organisations, including Surrey County Council, involved in social care, schools and other community services.

Please let us never forget, too, those in the private social care sector: the staff, patients, families and friends in care homes, hospices, and so on.

Personally, my 97-year-old mother is in isolation in a care home in Godalming. Fortunately, the staff look after my mother far better than I could ever do; their love, affection and care to all their patients is way above the call of duty. Fortunately, they do have personal protection equipment, much of it donated by a local school, but nothing from the government.

This morning’s ONS recorded figures show more than 3,000 deaths in care homes in the week ending April 17. Government figures, given out at daily press conferences,
are deaths in hospitals only.

Frankly, the social care sector has been forgotten, and until very recently ignored, their staff and elderly vulnerable residents who deserve much better treatment from the government as a priority.

The NHS has rightly received our love and money but we, the public, must show the same respect and support for our social carers and their patients.

See also: Lack of Testing For Those With No Symptoms Will Cost Lives, Says Care Homes Chief

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Responses to Letter: Let’s Appreciate Our Care Homes Staff

  1. Alan Davies Reply

    May 2, 2020 at 5:55 pm

    Good to see someone who recognises the importance of the care sector which the government has neglected for years and forgot about until the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, a banner which includes “Protect the Vulnerable” staff and patients alike – doesn’t have the same, public, political and financial appeal as the NHS only.

    Please read the excellent article for the real story behind the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on care homes: Lack of Testing For Those With No Symptoms Will Cost Lives, Says Care Homes Chief

  2. Jim Allen Reply

    May 3, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    My mum was a carer for over 30 years. When alive she once said, “If you can’t remember me when I’m alive, don’t bother when I’m dead.” This was in reference to her father’s 70 years of service to the church and community with no recognition.

    While, of course, we should think of everyone working through these troubled times, I fear their service will soon be all forgotten when this invisible vandal has had its way with our communities.

    Instead of constantly adding to the list of whom we should clap for, pay for, do for, and salute for – perhaps a better way is to follow their example and simply be kind to anyone we meet.

    If a car is broken down, stop and offer help, not drive on by thinking, “Why should I? I don’t have the time.”

    Take those earphone isolators out of your ears, keep unkind words and thoughts to yourselves, stop ‘in fighting’, throw away that PhD in hindsight and say a kind word to whoever you meet.

    Let’s take this opportunity to all change for the better – permanently.

  3. Colin Haslett Reply

    May 8, 2020 at 11:20 am

    At last, the work being done by the carers both in nursing homes and at homes is being recognized by the people who matter, not the politicians.

    I think some of the money raised for the NHS should be passed on to those who have been forgotten until now.

    My wife is in a nursing home in Godalming and is safe so far, thanks to them all.

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