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Letter: Star Rating System for Kennels A Good Idea, If Applied Properly

Published on: 26 May, 2019
Updated on: 26 May, 2019

From Regina Redpath

In response to: Guildford’s Pet Shops and Kennels To Be Given Star Ratings

The star rating system seems to work well with restaurants especially when they display their ratings for all to see.

I am glad to see that “licences will be refused if the council feels it [the business] will have a negative impact on the animal”. That goes without saying but to grant a one year licence to a business noted to fail to meet even minimum standards seems very wrong – no animal should suffer unnecessarily, especially when GBC is aware of this.

One assumes Dogbusters won’t be receiving any stars at all as one of the requirements to earn stars is transparency. The operator, the address of the premises and the condition of animals must be declared. Dogbusters operates from a secret location with only a mobile number – that won’t meet, it seems, the inspector’s minimum standard; let us hope our councillors pick up on this.

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test One Response to Letter: Star Rating System for Kennels A Good Idea, If Applied Properly

  1. Martin Elliott Reply

    May 27, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    As this is the implementation of an Act & Statutory Instrument (Regulation), presumably with DEFRA guidance, one would hope it should be straight forward for GBC to organise.

    Unfortunately, as part of the preparation for the increased workload, GBC has already decided not to increase resources and contracted previous responsibilities of the Dog Warden. Not many residents were happy with the information on this nor the contractor selected.

    The system of star ratings of food premises is seen to be successful. But is it? All we see is notifications of premises gaining a 5-star rating or (too late) the prosecution of those who haven’t improved on a bad rating. It is possible to find out more if you want to, all the inspection ratings Nationally on a single website.

    So will the kennels and other animal premises database also be available for people needing services?

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