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Letter: Surely There Were Some Areas Where the Council Could Have Done Better?

Published on: 15 Jun, 2020
Updated on: 15 Jun, 2020
From Martin Elliott
Yes, GBC responded well to the Covid-19 emergency. But no large organisation can have a perfect response without some areas where they could have done better and used other opportunities for improvement.

As we’ve seen in the past, the lack of a truly independent monitoring, auditing and inquiry department means that inadequate and incorrect examination takes place.

For example, although the council did well with kerbside waste collection (and, in Jim’s case a fly-tipping incident), judging from the social media and media coverage littering, unfortunately, was not as good.

As open areas became available, GBC failed to anticipate the speed and amount of usage and therefore littering. It should have been easy to anticipate at least their usual school holiday double litter bin usage, and by the press anticipation, the actual four-times levels on the first day, not several days. Yes, the cause was “people”, but the council response was late and inadequate.

As for complaints, I suppose that must have been limited to Covid-19 services only. Why? I complained, in writing, about GBC notification of my rents and direct debit from April.

The normal protocol of GBC is to reply in 10 days (plus seven days in the post). Yes I expected a bit longer, but six weeks before a phone call from somebody who gave me false information.

It was not urgent, but a pensioner likes to know he’s paying the correct amounts. I am still awaiting correct information (in writing) and some statement on response times under Covid-19.

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