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Letter: Surrey Fire Service Has Been Decimated

Published on: 5 Jun, 2020
Updated on: 5 Jun, 2020

From John Jessop

In response to: Financial Cuts Not Being Made to Fire Service, Says Councillor Responding to Criticism

I believe that Cllr Turner-Stewart is not being disingenuous, as claimed by Tony Morris in his comment, what she is saying is untrue.

Surrey Fire & Rescue has been decimated by the Tory government and its ever dutiful puppet, Surrey County Council.

With maximum crewing at four riders, every first-line appliance in Surrey is incapable of mounting an offensive attack on any property fire until the arrival of the second appliance. The fact that so many appliances are now being removed during the time when the most serious fires occur is nothing short of criminal.

What we now have is a fire service that is set up to try to prevent a fire in your home spreading to neighbouring properties. We are falling in line with the police whom if you are burgled will give you a crime reference number for your insurers, but will probably not attend nor investigate.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a fire in your home or business the fire service will try to stop it spreading to neighbouring properties but your property will almost certainly be lost.

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