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Letter: Tell Us The Truth, Ms Richardson

Published on: 19 Apr, 2020
Updated on: 19 Apr, 2020

Zoe Franklin and Angela Richardson MP

From Catherine Houston

in response to: Lib Dem Franklin Issues Open Letter to Guildford’s Tory MP

Having read Angela Richardson ’s reply to Zöe Franklin’s letter, my jaw is still on the floor. Has she not spoken to her colleagues at Tory-run Surrey County Council?

Yesterday they issued an urgent appeal for “Surrey’s frontline workers”, asking for help to produce PPE for them.  How Ms Richardson can confidently state that everyone in Guildford has enough PPE when her own local Tory colleagues are worried sick that they don’t, is beyond incompetent. Nodding along to whatever “Dear Leader” says without using due diligence checks is not a good look. The voters are watching.

For Guildford’s MP to try to whitewash the facts and smear them with Vaseline, as if we do not have the intellect to know we are being diverted from what is actually going on, I find a trifle concerning. Angela Richardson should fight for the truth: it’s what she was elected to do.

We, the Guildford, Cranleigh and Villages electorate, need answers.

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