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Letter: The Tories Can Only Recover by Holding Other Parties to Account

Published on: 22 Jun, 2020
Updated on: 22 Jun, 2020

Cllr Paul Spooner

From John Ferns

In response to Julian Cranwell’s comment on: Who Wants to Lead the Tories On the Council?

As a resident of the badly put-upon “west end” of the borough and close observer of local politics, I would tend to agree with Mr Cranwell’s view that the Conservatives electing either Nigel Manning or Marsha Moseley as their new leader will do little for their party’s election prospects.

After his unceremonious defenestration as the leader of GBC and the decimation of his party at last May’s elections, I would observe that Cllr Spooner has been sorely chastened and is now, with a certain degree of humility, doing his job as a local councillor to the best of his ability, as he should, because he is one person that knows what goes on behind the scenes of all functions at Millmead.

I’m not sure that I can quite say the same about Cllrs Manning and Moseley.

But there are mountains to climb by the Tory party to restore their image within the GBC electorate. As a group, they will only climb back, by holding to the fire, the noses of the Lib Dem and R4GV coalition members.

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Responses to Letter: The Tories Can Only Recover by Holding Other Parties to Account

  1. Mike Murphy Reply

    July 2, 2020 at 4:01 pm

    Even one of the local Conservative MP’s Sir Paul Beresford has “disowned” the Guildford Borough Council Tory Group and arranged an adjournment debate in the Commons to try and prevent the disaster of the Guildford Borough Council Local Plan.

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